For Singles: Exercise to Attract the Love of Your Life

By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | dating
Posted: April 21, 2024

The Bell Exercise. Intention: Bring a man or woman Into your Life

Frequency: Do for 21 days, twice per day: when you awaken and before you start your nighttime activity.

Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly and imagine yourself ringing a large bell from your open window. Ring it several times knowing you are calling the man/woman to you. After, look to you right and see the man/woman coming through the door of your apartment and greeting you spontaneously in any way that may take place. You may or may not see his/her face. It doesn’t matter. You may ask for his/her name. After, breathe out and open your eyes.Before each instance of the exercise, literally ring a small bell several times near an open window with the intention of calling him⁄her to you.Additions – On the night before the first day, take a piece of good stationary and write a prayer to God thus:Dear God,Please show me the way, or give me the means, or open the door to finding the man/woman for me. Here are the qualities I would like to see in him⁄her. [Then: list vertical order 1–10 qualities that are important to you.]The [a new paragraph]: Thank you for all the help you may give to me.Love,Sign your namePut this letter under your pillow and sleep on it. In the morning take the letter, fold it and place it in an envelope to put on your night table marked “prayer”. Leave it there and each night before retiring take out the prayer, read it out loud and place it under your pillow to sleep on it.

Also, don’t think about women⁄men during your regular day. Don’t inquire about whether you will meet someone if you are invited to a dinner or party, for example. That is, don’t be concerned about the result. Focus on the process, not the product.When the person comes into your life, stop the exercise.

 Also, compare him⁄her to your list to see if he⁄she fits the qualities. If so, congratulations!finding a mate life companion relationship relationships ring in the new soul mate your dream man your dream woman

Exercise taken from Dr. Gerald Epstein MD

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