Mental Imagery

” Our Freedom can never come through the agency of any institution created by the hands of man.” Gerald Eptein MD

This form of therapy was taught by Colette Abouler-Muscat. She was a spiritual teacher known for her work in guided imagery and visualization techniques. Her teachings on mental imagery emphasized the power of the mind to influence the physical and emotional well-being.

This form of therapy involves guiding individuals through visualizations to access deeper levels of consciousness, promote healing and facilitate personal growth. The visualizations can involve specific scenarios or images that represent desired outcomes or desired inner states.

Her teachings often emphasize the importance of imagination, intuition, and creativity in the healing process. Her work generally focuses on harnessing the power of the mind to bring about positive transformation and holistic well-being.

My teacher Dr. Gerald Epstein had met a man in Jerusalem who after years of therapy for his depression had found relief in 4 sessions through mental imagery. Gerald brought this form of therapy to the US, and has written many books about this subject and taught many classes. He wrote;

The great paradox of our human existence is that while we yearn for and strive after freedom, in whatever way each of us may seek to define that word, we find that we are no closer to that elusive element than were our ancestors. We are in captivity either physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially in ways far more exquisite than out forebears could ever have dreamed.” from Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, P. 13.

Freeing oneself through mental imagery involves using the power of visualization and imagination to release mental, emotional, or spiritual constraints.

Consider working with a therapist who specialize in mental imagery and visualization techniques, who specializes in this field. They can provide guidance, support and additional tools to help you on your path to freedom.

Remember that mental imagery is a powerful tool, but it may take time and practice to see significant results. Be patient with yourself and trust in the process of healing and transformation.

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