Mental Imagery

By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | therapy
Posted: March 5, 2024

Mental Imagery 

This form of therapy as taught by Colette Abouler-Muscat, brings mind and body together through “the ladder of self-mastery.” My teacher Dr. Gerald Epstein had met a man in Jerusalem who after years of therapy for his depression had found relief in 4 sessions through mental imagery. Gerald brought this form of therapy to the US, and has written many books about this subject and taught many classes. He wrote;

   The great paradox of our human existence is that while we year for and strive after freedom, in whatever way each of us may seek to define that word, we find that we are no closer ti tear eksuce element that were out ancestors. We are in captivity either physically, mentally, emotionally , or socially in ways far more exquisite than out forebears could ever have dreamed.” from Climbing Jacob’s Ladder P. 11. 

He also states that people are looking for freedom through drugs and alcohol. The industry of psychedelics and drug medicine to find freedom, is true but how do we continue to develop and nurture that freedom without the use of substances? And how do we take what we learned from the medicine, and put it to use in our daily life? The path of bringing the body and mind together is a way to true authentic freedom one of which you can give to yourself now. Contact us for more information. We are happy to talk to you. 

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