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I recall a scene in Harry Potter the Prisoner of Azkaban when Ron has to read Harry’s tea leaves in Divination class. Ron sees a frightening figure of 'the grim' which he explains, “Harry will suffer, but in the end, he will be happy about it.” In lesser extremes, I thought about this novel prediction. However, if I could tell my past-self one thing before starting therapy is that quote. Sometimes I feel like I woke up from uncontrollable misery; I was beginning to accept that everything was always out of my control. Chaos seemed to follow me everywhere, unknowingly of my own volition. I couldn't communicate out of fear of seeming sensitive or controlling. I had a veil of critiques over my life. I can finally see the decisions I was making were from a place of hurt. Now I can hear myself and feel my intuition. I finally trust myself. A year ago if you told me I was happily waking up at 8am going to the gym and eating healthy forty percent of the time I would have laughed in your face. Instead, I wake up and remind myself that one healthy decision can lead to another and 'I will be happy about it'. I passed a psychic on the street and she told me I have a golden aura which means enlightenment and divine protection - I really owe that to Anna. I'm forever grateful that Anna opened my life.

M from MYC/Canada

“After a decade of therapy and struggling with the same internal patterns, I noticed visible shifts within myself and in my life doing this work with Anna. Stuck and painful aspects within myself were able to heal and shift. I am able to make different choices now with the awareness and work I have done to heal.”

D, New York

"I started seeing Anna about 3 years ago when I was going through a particularly difficult time with my father's alcoholism. I felt like I was at a breaking point in my life in general, feeling out of control, overwhelmed and unsafe emotionally. The best gift I gave myself was being willing to go deep and walk through the unknown with Anna and the work we've done together has genuinely been life changing for me. She has taught me so much in the ways of self healing and has truly felt like a guide through my psyche, by helping me heal deep wounds and giving me tools I will use for the rest of my life. I have learned how to have compassion and self love which has made me better not only to myself but to other people. I can't recommend Anna enough as a therapist. She is so kind, connected, insightful and invested. She is truly incredible at her practice. While she guides you through emotional spaces that can be difficult, she creates such a safe environment that you never feel alone or in danger, giving you the courage to go deep within yourself. Everyone deserves to have a therapist as excellent as she is. My life has transformed from the work I've done with Anna and I'm deeply grateful to her for that.”

L, Brooklyn

"it's the deepest work I have done.. after 14 years of talk therapy and nothing changing. I was so checked out with multiple addictions coping with life. . Our work together helped me organize myself mentally and emotionally and find a new way of life. Where I was judgmental and disconnected , I was able to trust and open again in relationships and widen my circle.. "

A, Brooklyn

“ There is a profound shift that takes place and feeling more alive and not feeling fragmented as I did when I first started.”

F, New York

"I started seeing Anna during an extremely difficult point in my life. She was remarkably skilled at helping me experience and face the deep fears that were holding me back from fully being present in my life. As a result of working with Anna I have experienced a huge shift and the little girl that was desperately sad and very trapped as a result of old trauma is finally happy and able to celebrate her life. Anna has shown tremendous insight into guiding the fractured parts of myself towards self-acceptance. I am genuinely more secure and loving as a result.”

L, New York

“Anna has helped me bring before unknown aspects of myself into awareness to be healed. She has a deeply intuitive way of working which seems to uncover issues other “therapies” have struggled to reach. Anna has the ability to hold the space for me so that I feel thoroughly supported whilst exploring these new and sometimes difficult areas of the mind. I find working with Anna has helped speed up my path of self discovery and given a better and more holistic5 view of who I am and what I am capable of.”

Sagara, England

“I have known Anna K for many years as a professional & dedicated licensed Psychotherapist. By my observation, it is not an easy path finding the appropriate treatment one may need to establish a balance in mental health issues and results in life one has. Anna has been successful at treating me and meeting me exactly where I needed to be met. Her guidance has helped me feeling helplessness and hopelessness to finding the inner resources and strength again to making my life happen again in a short amount of time! She always been a phone call away for guidance & an amazing empathetic resource when that guidance is required by others. I highly recommend her expertise and judgement. I’m truly grateful to have found her along my journey”.


I know Anna from the last couple of years, she is a therapist of my son, who is autistic. I have noticed tremendous changes in my son. He is more social and independent. If I am a mother, Anna works with the soul of my son. All the hard work towards his well-being has been paid off. My son is thriving in the world.”

Neeru, Queens New York

“Thank you so much for your help-especially your life changing and saving skills. It has made all the difference as your ability to help process past-pain and emotions help with dissociation. It also made me realize cause of depression, as emotions were suppressed. You are great at what you do and it is life changing.”

L, New York

“Phenomenal work.”

S, New York

“I have grown immensely and I am deeply grateful."

L, Brooklyn

I came in with a severe PTSD trauma symptoms and cognitive distortions as a result of the trauma. Anna was able to relief my symptoms and thoughts that distorted my reality. My quality of life feels restored and I appreciate the help and am glad I don't have to live with that anymore. 

S from New York

I had worked with so many different therapists and wanting to lose weight. it wasn't necessarily weight loss I was hoping for but when I started to work with Anna, my body started to transform. I have shed so many layers of myself and freed myself of so many layers of historical triggers, that my life just started to transform inside and out. I am forever grateful for this sense of new found self and freedom that came as a result of this work. 

C from NYC/ LA

I had PTDS from a recent psychedelic trip that I took. I had some muscles in my face move in unwanted and uncontrollable ways that caused me more anxiety and fears After one session using a variety of interventions with Anna, this significantly changed. I am forever grateful for this relief.  BL

"There is one word that comes to mind when I think of Anna- healer- and she is a good one. Anna took me as a patient when i was truly hopeless case, and worked with me to build me up from rock bottom, despite my inability to pay what she deserved or even come to our sessions sober. She saved my life and helped me break free of the cage of trauma and addiction that I was living in. I was unable to go 10 minutes without a drink for over 10 years of daily fighting with alcoholism, and now thanks to your work I have been clean and sober for almost 2 years and have lost 50 pounds! How can I get sober and control eating? I was asking the wrong questions. Anna taught me to open a dialogue with myself and my inner child at a time when I didn't know what that was. During our many different therapies (you will find she is qualified to do quite a few) I learned to nurture and eventually even take care of that inner child and it lifted me from the literal gutter and set me free to live a life beyond my wildest dreams. The right questions are how can I change my entire outlook through a journey of introspection and a destination of human connection? Anna can show you the steps to take. I had no truth for myself or respect for the world we live in and had resigned to an alcoholic addicts life and inevitable death. However thanks to Anna I love my life; I own my own successful business; I even pursue music and acting when I am not working; and I have many healthy relationships. In the last two years I went from a thief and a liar to an active member and honest leader of the sober community. The word for lost causes such as myself who find sobriety and redemption is a miracle, The word for Anna and those with the gifts and vocation to guide lost souls is a healer. If you are like I was, and in need of a healer who can give a hopeless, self-loathing addict with severe trauma induced anxiety and an eating disorder the means to work towards a miracle cure, you would be lucky to have this amazing person, Anna Kuyumcuoglu, to call your friend and ally! I Have been in therapy my whole life and never was able to open up or make the breakthroughs I made with her. As someone who has been institutionalized and seen countless therapists for a decade I promise you she is the best. I truly believe and know I wouldn't be here without here. Thank you Anna!

-RH, New York

I was battling with my weight issues and challenges that started in childhood.  I had joined 12 step programs but it was not until I had the right coping strategies that dived deeper into the issues that I was able to find relief and enough tolerance to feel the feelings. I definitely could not have done this alone because alone I was trying to cope by escaping from my self. Here I thought I was such an emotionally available person but I learned what it really means to be emotionally available. My relationship with myself has changed but also my relationship with others. I do believe with addictions an action plan is important and a treatment plan. I do think I was guided in the right direction here. I am glad I listened in spite of my family history of going therapy means something is wrong with you...therefore we do not speak about our problems with others and we keep it to ourselves... but if we keep doing the same thing over and over again and we expect different results, that's where we need to pause and think do I want to continue to be miserable to keep my family safe or do I want to live life to the fullest possible. People go to doctors, and rehabilitation centers. what makes therapy so embarrassing? because it is a vulnerable soul barring witness but it is in service of you and for you. So facing these challenges is also  not comfortable but Anna does not make you feel uncomfortable around these issues, as a matter of fact, she makes you feel so safe that you forget that therapy is a stigmatized thing because what she does, even though it is painful, its freeing to release what no longer serves me. And then I think I am doing this for the higher purpose of all when I am serving myself this way. 

when I came to see Anna, I did not want to live anymore.  I was severely anorexic and bulimic and my life was out of control. I had nothing going on for myself and was very stressed in my relationship with my current boyfriend as well, not sure if we would make it. My daily struggles with ED took a toll on my body and I was desperate. I was focusing on food daily and could not live my life. Slowly, I was able to pick myself up, apply to a prestigious program to earn my degree, my relationship stabilized as a result of this work and I am now able to choose for myself. It is very comprehensive work and I believe every one needs to have an understanding therapist but also one that gives you exactly what you need to move forward in life. I was blessed enough that this worked for me.   L from NYC