An Exercise to Develop Your Intuition and See What Is Coming Up Today

By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | journaling
Posted: April 21, 2024

Unlock the Whisperings of Your Inner Landscape

In the quiet recesses of our being lies a profound wisdom – a language spoken not through words, but through the subtle resonances of our felt experiences. This intimate dialog with our embodied self offers a gateway to self-discovery and transformation, unveiling insights that often elude the conscious mind.

We invite you to embark on a journey inward, to listen to the whispers of your soul through a powerful exercise in felt sense exploration.

The Felt Sense Experience

Begin by immersing yourself in the captivating artwork created by the talented Anna Kuyumcuoglu. Allow your gaze to wander freely, observing the intricate details, colors, and emotions evoked by each piece. As you take in the visual tapestry, notice which image resonates the most – or perhaps the least – with your inner being.

Once you’ve identified the artwork that calls to you, gently close your eyes and take a few deep, grounding breaths. Holding the image in your mind’s eye, attune to the sensations that arise within your body. Remain open and curious, allowing any feelings, mental pictures, or indistinct “felt senses” to emerge organically.

This felt sense may manifest as a subtle bodily awareness, a fleeting emotion, or a vague impression that has yet to take form. Resist the temptation to analyze or interpret; instead, embrace the experience with a beginner’s mind, free from judgment or expectation.

As you continue to explore this felt sense, extend an invitation for it to reveal itself more fully. Engage in a gentle, non-verbal dialogue, inquiring with an open heart and receptive spirit. Perhaps you may sense a shift in your body, a emergence of imagery, or a deepening of the felt experience itself.

Throughout this process, maintain a stance of patient curiosity, allowing the unfolding to occur at its own pace. Trust that your felt sense holds profound wisdom, waiting to be unveiled through this sacred act of intimate listening.

Once you’ve completed your exploration, we warmly invite you to share your experience with us at Your insights, reflections, and personal resonances are welcomed and honored, contributing to a tapestry of collective understanding.

Remember, this journey is not one of analysis or intellectualization, but rather an invitation to attune to the subtle whispers of your innermost being. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the depths of your felt experience, for it is here that true transformation takes root, blossoming into a life lived with greater authenticity, wholeness, and inner peace.

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