The Lasting Impact of Childhood Trauma

The Lasting Impact of Childhood Trauma By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | traumaPosted: May 9, 2024 It’s an unfortunate reality that many children experience traumatic events – anything from abuse, neglect, loss of a parent, witnessing violence, and other profoundly distressing situations. While the trauma itself is painful, the impacts can reverberate through the rest of childhood […]

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Pet Loss

Pet Loss By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | griefPosted: April 30, 2024 Coping with Pet Loss: How Counseling Can Help Heal Your Heart For many of us, pets are far more than just animals – they are beloved family members. The bond we share with our furry, feathered or scaled companions is loving, loyal and brings immense

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Heart Breathing

Heart Breathing By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | stressPosted: April 30, 2024 Harmonizing Mind and Body Through Heart-Focused Breathing ” The heart sends more information to the brain through the nervous system then the other way around.” -Rollin McCraty, Ph.D In our fast-paced, high-stress world, many of us struggle to keep our minds and bodies in a

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Trauma By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | mental healthPosted: April 26, 2024 Trauma is a highly personal experience that deeply impacts an individual’s well-being. What one person finds traumatic, another may not, as our reactions depend on our unique circumstances and past experiences. A key factor that can turn a threatening situation into a traumatic event is

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Relationships; Fantasy versus Reality

Relationships; Fantasy versus Reality By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | stressPosted: April 26, 2024 The Stages of Relationship Development by Pia Mellody Pia Mellody is a renowned author, lecturer and personal coach who has made significant contributions to the field of codependency and relationship dynamics. Through her extensive work, Mellody has outlined five distinct stages that most intimate relationships tend

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Flash Technique Use in Therapy

Flash Technique Use in Therapy By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | therapyPosted: April 22, 2024 Exploring the Flash Technique:  A Breakthrough in Therapeutic HealingIntroduction:In the realm of therapy and mental health, innovative techniques often emerge to help individuals navigate and overcome various challenges.  One such method gaining attention is the Flash Technique, a revolutionary approach designed to address

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Tools For Effective Communication

Tools For Effective Communication By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | wellnessPosted: April 22, 2024 Nonviolent Communication (NVC)  is a communication process developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. It focuses on compassionate communication, empathy, and conflict resolution.  Here are some tools and techniques related to Nonviolent Communication that can be helpful in various situations: 1. Observation:  Encourage the use of objective

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The Issues With Co-dependency

The Issues With Co-dependency By Anna Kuyumcuoglu | therapyPosted: April 21, 2024 Break the Patters of Codependency. Credit to: © Happiertherapy.com All Rights Reserved “Codependency often involves prioritizing the needs of others over your own and feeling a sense of responsibility for the happiness and well-being of others. This can lead to feelings of resentment, anger, and frustration. This

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